Friday, November 03, 2006

Multicultural Liturgy in Georgia
From the Catholic News Hub, this Georgia Bulletin story about an annual archdicoesan multicultural Mass. Archbishop Gregory:
“(W)e here gather around the table where we know the giving of peace is to be found and where food we serve here nourishes not only the body but our heart. We gather in knowing there is a Balm in Gilead that will, if we but accept it, heal the sin-sick soul. What a wonderful sight it is to see so many people of this parish and the archdiocese gather in harmony and peace to rejoice in our diversity, and to do so because Christ is one and He belongs equally to all of us.”
Tom Nemchik, lay person:
"(The Mass) allows me to appreciate that we are one body in Christ. You can go to any Mass in any language and still be able to participate. It allows me to offer my Catholicism as a Slovak to others who might be interested.”
Hmmm ... any language. Good thinking.

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