Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sensibly Catholic
If you are one of our scores of new visitors these past few days, welcome. The comment boxes here are polite and peaceable, though the undercurrent of feelings, thought, and prayer is fervent and devoted. One might think after nearly three years of blogging I've solved basic things like getting my e-mail link on the side bar. But no. You'll have to find a comment of mine in a box or hunt me down through my parish link on the left. I respond to any questions sent by e-mail. I presume your e-mail is a privileged communication until you give me permission to use it. Neil is my learned and thoughtful co-blogger. He posts less frequently than I do, but with considerable more elan. His posts are all worth reading and pondering. This blog is mostly theological, with a smattering of my personal life. It also has a small enough readership that you're not likely to get pounded for saying something different.

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