Friday, September 15, 2006

Armchair Liturgist: Early Confirmation On Request
I ran across this better-than-usual question on Zenit's Liturgy site:
Several girls around 10 years of age, on their own initiative, have asked parents to take them to receive the sacrament of confirmation. They know their catechism and when asked why they wished to be confirmed, responded that they wanted the graces of Confirmation and the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit so that they might use them to be holier. The parents made two unsuccessful attempts, through different avenues, to get their daughters into a confirmation ceremony of the local ordinary. A pastor denied confirmation through a parish ceremony, saying that the girls are too young (despite the parents' informing the pastor of the canons which grant the right to the sacrament at the age of reason). And a school official denied confirmation through a school ceremony, saying that the girls are not enrolled nor the relative of an enrolled student. What should the parents do?
Would that more kids had this attitude. Well ... what should they do? What would you do if you were the liturgist? Check here for the Zenit answer.

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