Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dei Verbum 24
Sacred theology rests on the written word of God, together with sacred tradition, as its primary and perpetual foundation. By scrutinizing in the light of faith all truth stored up in the mystery of Christ, theology is most powerfully strengthened and constantly rejuvenated by that word. For the Sacred Scriptures contain the word of God and since they are inspired really are the word of God; and so the study of the sacred page is, as it were, the soul of sacred theology. (cf. Leo XIII, encyclical "Providentissmus Deus:" EB 114; Benedict XV, encyclical "Spiritus Paraclitus:" EB 483.) By the same word of Scripture the ministry of the word also, that is, pastoral preaching, catechetics and all Christian instruction, in which the liturgical homily must hold the foremost place, is nourished in a healthy way and flourishes in a holy way. In light of this, I think here's where post-conciliar neo-conservative apologists wander astray. Not much of what I hear and read is rooted in Scripture. In many ways, modern apologism reflects more of an idealized return to the past, updated with modern technology, not necessarily with a more profound understanding of the Word of God. Note the "liturgical homily" holds highest place, something I think the pope realizes, but a fact many other preachers have yet to grasp.

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