Monday, August 21, 2006

The Armchair Liturgist: Men Only Please?
Rock posts a question from a reader. This isn't really armchair liturgist stuff, since I know we're all so liberated here. At least in my parish, everything's up to date and we're not bothered by such questions as:
"Does the letter of church law indeed prohibit women from taking up the collection? Is it common for women to be prohibited from taking up the collection at conservative/traditional parishes?"
My reply: (1) Heck, no. (2) Only if they don't take too big a cut. I'll shock you and say that when we're a few ushers short of a six-pack, I've been known not only to recruit women (we have regular women ushers, by the way) but I've gotten kids as young as nine years old passing the basket. Any stories from other armchairs?

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