Friday, July 14, 2006

On the Boat
My brother's friend passed on these pics from my favorite evening of vacation: when the two of us and my nephew went out in the boat. Unlike the first day of sailing, when the air was dead calm, we actually used wind power to move on this Thursday evening. I really enjoyed my sailing experience. My bro seemed surprised when I said I'd like to do it for a week or so. Members of his club have reciprocal docking privileges around Lake Ontario, so we could sail to Canada, up and down the coast, and enjoy some good times. Here we are in a close-up. My brother, pleased at being the younger, is the shirtless one. It didn't seem like the wind was much, but we got up to a top speed of 6 knots at one point. Naturally, mini-computers have come to serious boating, as we knew exactly how fast we were going and GPS was looking down kindly upon us. We weren't ever completely away from the sight of land. Yet it was still exhilarating.

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