Monday, June 19, 2006

Travelogue 1
The weekend's over; my family's back at work or in school. We're heading to the Falls today. Which is good, because Brit's already bored because her cousins have left for their last two days of school. We've survived the trip so far. Done and seen some good things. Wednesday found us in St Louis by 9AM to see the zoo. Hotel check-in at 1:30 for three tired travellers heading for a nap. After Brit's swim, we drove into the city to see my favorite St Louis site, the Gateway Arch. I'd been up in it twenty-nine years ago when I was in town for a college chess tournament. I didn't remember how cramped the tram was. On the four minute ride to the top, I had to keep talking and breathing deeply. Hmm, enclosed spaces weren't always a problem with me. The top of the arch is cool. We were there about two hours before sunset and the shadow of the arch just reached to the Illinois side of the Mississippi river. Wished I'd had a digital camera, though. The windows on the observation deck tilt down. An observer can see the ground below the arch. Images taken from both sides (east-facing and west) could be merged and you could tell your amazed relatives you hung from the bottom of the arch to get that one.

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