Monday, June 05, 2006

Regaining a Sense of Sin
Who cares about Tran and the Tradis in California? Sports fans take note: a Scottish theologian said that Scots might be committing a sin if they refuse to support the English in World Cup 2006. If a Scot has an automatic negative reaction to supporting England, then they would have to question where that feeling is coming from. As Christians we are called to have positive relationships with others who may be different from us. If we have an automatic anti-relationship with someone simply because they are English, then that is anti-Christian. On the other hand, if your motivation comes from the enjoyment of football (soccer) and you choose to support a different team for that reason, then there is no sin in not supporting England. The key question is what is our motivation. Aw shucks. Now I have to examine my motives for hating the Yankees.

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