Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Anybody getting World Cup fever in the Catholic blogosphere? 186 teams now whittled down to the final 32. FIFA coverage here. US team profiled here. A really good feature in National Geographic this month, too. The usual excellent map. And no, elephants are not part of the teams, but it was a cute picture anyway. At least the Thais have no worries about hand balls. And a group of guys in the parish have proposed a weekly "friendly" on Thursday nights. No tackling or fouls, no goalies, eight-foot goals, and lots of fun. I loved playing soccer when I was a kid. I loved to run and run and run. I can probably only run now, or at most, run and run (but not for too long). So I might check this out. Heaven knows I need the exercise. The first US match is Monday versus the Czechs.

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