Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Altar Server Fun
Our diocese hosted a fun day for altar servers earlier this month. Six of our parishioners attended and a few were featured by quote or photo.

Lauren Nicole Ayer Ruiz of St. Thomas More Parish, said she likes the priests.

"The Fathers are really funny," she said. "They like make jokes and make funny voices with us and stuff."

"It's fun, especially bringing up the gifts to the altar," said Kelsy Ceriotti, also of St. Thomas More. "You are with Jesus. That's going to be his body and blood."

The funny voices are courtesy of our diocesan vicar general, who is well-known for his self-deprecating sense of humor and his talent for imitation.

The bishop had good things to say:

Bishop Finn said that serving Mass is a great way for girls and boys to draw closer to God.

"Service at the altar is a special way to express your closeness to the Lord and to listen to him for direction in your life," Bishop Finn said.

But being close to Christ also means being willing to suffer with Christ and to make sacrifices, the bishop said.

"It's going to mean sacrifices" to serve God, he said. "Maybe it's getting up early to serve Mass, and maybe it's other sacrifices."

But Christ remains ready to share any burden for those who follow him, Bishop Finn said.

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