Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Making Progress In Chant IV: Pentecost Sequence
We'll see how it goes Sunday. Just after the people finish follow-along with reading II, they can check the tune for the sequence in the OCP missal, VENI SANCTE SPIRITUS. For one Mass, anyway. I think I'd adapt something for the verses on Taize's "Veni Sancte Spiritus" -- just because the publisher didn't put it in doesn't mean I can't. I do like the tune VENI SANCTE SPIRITUS. The choir went along like good sports. They had a setting of Psalm 104 in 5/4 time, so maybe it was a bit of contrast. I only do music for two Masses this weekend, and the kids probably won't sing the sequence. School's out and we've decided to roll the dice without practice this week. We did a violin and piano arrangement of REGINA COELI last week. Sometimes people comment after Mass and identify or note a specific tune. But this time, only a few generic "That's nice" comments. Our second violinist is a college student home for the summer. Nice young lady. The first person I've ever met from Ave Maria University. She was telling us that only two of the 400-some undergraduates are non-Catholics.

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