Thursday, May 25, 2006

Exposed: A Conservative Root in the Culture of Victimhood
Okay, friends, chew on this one awhile: Man blaming woman for how he feels when she dresses. (Or something like that.) The culture of victimhood is proclaimed by many conservatives in identifying the problems of some folks today. I think the digging in the dirt around the issue of dress in church has exposed the contemporary imitation of Genesis 3:12, "It's not my fault; she made me do it." Despite what your daddy told you, men are indeed capable of controlling their emotions, responses, and their eyes. A man encounters a distraction in church. Recognize it. Set it aside. Return to where you were. Repeat as necessary. Is sinful behavior subjective? Is that what JPII Catholics are suggesting, that a person's response to sexual stimulus can be blamed on the object? Tsk tsk.

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