Monday, April 17, 2006

Vacation ... But Likely Not This Year
Have I ever mentioned my dream vacation? I probably have. I started working on an itinerary last year. Here's the first two weeks of seven.

Australia & New Zealand Tour

Day 1 Fly to Los Angeles, then Sydney

Day 2 Arrive Sydney, relax & sleep

Day 3 Sydney: Botanic Gardens, Aquarium, a nice meal

Day 4 Sydney: The Zoo, see the Harbor Bridge, take in a concert at the Opera House

Day 5 Sydney: Shopping, poke around downtown, maybe hit the beach

Day 6 Sydney: Sunday Mass, drive north, lunch & look around Newcastle, get to Brisbane for dinner

Day 7 Brisbane: Wander around, including the city Botanic Gardens; maybe hit the beach

Day 8 Brisbane: More touring of the area, especially the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Day 9 Fly to Alice Springs, get settled

Day 10 Uluru

Day 11 Fly to Perth, get settled

Day 12 Perth: Aquarium of Western Australia, dinner & maybe a concert

Day 13 Perth: Sunday Mass, Art Gallery of Western Australia

Day 14 Fremantle and its sights, maybe do some sailing

The rest of the plan includes about a week in southwest Australia, about a week in Tasmania, and about a week in New Zealand. One of my parishioners is a NZ native. She thinks I'll need more than a week for her country. Probably so, but there's only so much one can do on a liturgist's budget.

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