Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Star Trek Resuscito
The movie franchise Star Trek getting resuscitated in two years, according to lots of people online. Going back to Kirk and Company: The Academy Years, from what I've read. Maybe that'll work, though I think heading a bit more into the future beyond Picard would be worthwhile. I have this to say: 1. Find a good writer because its about story, story, and nothing but story. 2. Find good actors, not SF stiffs. The apex of Star Trek was the final five years of the Next Generation. The movies? Mostly forget about them. The latter incarnations of Star Trek failed not because they left beloved characters behind, but that the writing failed to live up to prior expectations. The first year of classic Trek (and some of the second) was also very well written. Voyager and Enterprise had their moments, but not enough of them. But of course, this is about generating profit for Paramount. As long as they keep thinking like Ferengi, they'll have about as much success as this dude had crashing a Betazed picnic.

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