Monday, April 17, 2006

Sacred Music Online
Check out some music before it disappears. Last week I mentioned a wonderful work by the British composer Ivan Moody. The Resurrection portion of his Passion takes up the first twenty minutes or so of this week's Australian sacred music program For the God Who Sings. The first part of the work spanning the prologue of John's gospel along with the Passion takes up about the second half of last week's program. For the God Who Sings is a fine program which aims to present ... ... music and texts that seek to enlighten the path untravelled, the idea unravelled. JS Bach leads. Others (and often the unexpected) follow. The seasons are reflected and the hour is respected with space and contemplation. If any of our readers have other suggestions for sacred music programs available online, feel free to mention them and provide links in the comment boxes. I'm assuming most everybody knows they can go to Vatican Radio, so expand a bit from there if you care to do so.

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