Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Parish Penance
This is our big one for the day, as it is at St Peter's in Rome. We're using Matthew 22:34-40 as the reading (Jesus turns a trap into a great teaching on commandments) and Archbishop Bruno Forte's examination of conscience (though about 25% trimmed for space and time). If you want, report us to Rome for using form III last week with grade 2-6 students. The clergy scheduled to hear confessions didn't show up in their entirety until 10:30 when the junior high kids came with sins. The older I get the more mixed my feelings are on form II (communal celebration with individual confession). I think form III has potential (still) for venial sins. Form I still suffers from a lack of liturgical grounding--though maybe it doesn't really need it. I used to think so, but now I'm not so sure. The last times I've celebrated this sacrament, it's been by appointment with a spiritual director (form I) or at a communal service (form II), with the possible exception of last week (form III). If you want to use the comment box to share good experiences of this sacrament, especially what's happening in your parish this week, feel free.

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