Saturday, March 25, 2006

Three For The Show
We saw a good production of my daughter's favorite musical last night. I find that as I get older I can more easily enjoy youth theatre. We saw the local high school do a very satisfying stage version of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe last month. I find that focusing on the positives allows the best of the creator (and the Creator) to shine through. On this age level, it can be tough to find a quantity of young men to pull off a show with quality. In most high school casts I've seen, the young women--in general--outshine the men on stage. Joseph is such a male-heavy show, but the CYT found guys who were equal to the task. Probably more than equal, in balance. They employed two young women for the narrator role and made good use of that in choreography and music. The young drummer in the pit band was extraordinary. The lead had a good voice and even better stage presence as Joseph. The solo and group numbers by the brothers were really good. Everybody seemed to be having fun--which is the best thing you can tell the young performers to do. My wife commented that the set design, props and costuming were excellent. I'd have to say they were among the best I've seen in community theatre--for any age level. Seen any good shows lately?

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