Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Rock Lobster
It's a fantastic party tune, but I doubt they'll be dancing to it in LA. I doubt a traditionalist has ever danced to it. Do you know the tune? You should. But I doubt it would pass inspection for liturgy, even in LA: Here comes a stingray There goes a manta-ray In walked a jelly fish There goes a dogfish Chased by a catfish In flew a sea robin Watch out for that piranha There goes a narwhale HERE COMES A BIKINI WHALE! No doubt, some people would find that descriptive of the RE Conference. Just between you, me and the waves, I've never had an inkling of an urge to attend it. The LA people have obviously got the message, because it's been years since I've even been mailed a brochure. Rock (not Rock Lobster) is in prime form today, rattling tables in the cafeteria about the 2006 edition of Mahonyfest. Just think: liturgical dance under the eyeballs of a cardinal, somebody who probably voted for Benedict XVI, and there's nothing anybody can do about it. Red snappers snappin' Clam shells clappin' Muscles flexin' Flippers flippin' Down, down Let's rock!

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