Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Next Venture
Just asking your opinions ... As I approach the completion of my musical on the book of Tobit, I'm pondering a future project. I'm thinking something more chamber opera than musical. The musical forces would be on a similar scale to Garrett Fisher's marvelous The Passion of St. Thomas More. No way do I feel ready to undertake a major orchestral project, but three or four instruments, three or four singers, I could handle. The ideal in my mind would be to compose something accessible to a good set of parish musicians. It would definitely need to have a religious theme. What do you think of these ideas? Ruth (I have a libretto vaguely sketched out for it) Susanna and the Elders Jonah The "confessions" of Jeremiah The Suffering Servant of Isaiah What do you think of each of these formats? Oratorio (choir, soloists, and instruments only; no acting) Chamber Opera (everything sung, minimal musical resources, and acting) Musical (all acted, mostly sung) What I'd really like is to find a decent collaborator: someone who would do the libretto (or most of it) or someone who would split the composing or songwriting and libretto duties. Partnership worked so well for the Beatles and for all the big musicals. If you have a substantial suggestion that won't fit in the boxes, just e-mail me: tf1212(at)kc(dot)rr(dot)com. And if you have a quick take on what I could do next, I'm open to suggestions.

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