Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Cardinal Addresses Baptist Pastors
Rock updates us on doings in Detroit. Amy will let you comment on it on open book. Catch the original article here with the secular media.
I find it interesting that another Detroit bishop was recently up for retirement, and a good bit of bile was spat his way about not rendering his retirement in a timely and deferential manner. Brother Maida told the Baptists:
"I just talked to the pope last week, and he told me, 'You keep working there.' I have no plan to go anywhere."
Well, if the pope says it's okay, it must be okay. But it sure helps to have the St Blog's Commentariat behind you, too.
I think this is not the shining example of episcopal leadership. According to Rock, the cardinal retires to a million-dollar luxury apartment. The auxiliary sleeps on a pallet in the rectory of a poor inner city parish. I think of Christus Dominus 15:
>As those who lead others to perfection, bishops should be diligent in fostering holiness among their clerics, religious, and laity according to the special vocation of each. They should also be mindful of their obligation to give an example of holiness in charity, humility, and simplicity of life.
This isn't to say Archbishop Maida isn't holy, charitable, humble, or doesn't practice a simple lifestyle. He was never my bishop, and when I lived in Michigan, I didn't pay much attention to goings on outside of my parish and diocese. But I'm not too sure his example isn't being upstaged by his most recently retired auxiliary. Gumbleton is admittedly a radical, and it is very difficult to walk with some radicals. But parish closings are a very tough nugget to swallow. One would hope that bishops responsible for these will give more the example of "I'm in this with you," rather than playing the authoritarian trump card.
Chiming in on the JPII Cultural Center, let me say I believe this is outside the prerogative of a bishop. Running such an operation is within the purview of the laity, not a bishop.

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