Friday, March 31, 2006

Armchair Liturgist: Palms and Processions
It's coming up in nine or ten days. How would you handle the three options for Palm Sunday? There's the big procession, preferably done at one of your Masses. Would you do it at the Saturday Mass, or at the biggest Sunday liturgy? Then there's the choice of the solemn entrance or the simple entrance. Which would you use when? I'll tell you at my parish, after years of sagging support for the procession, we've scheduled the 80-voice children's choir for the procession Mass. Maybe we'll get 140 parents and some siblings. I'll tell you how it went in a wekk and a half. Remember the "armchair liturgist" is not necessarily asking what is done in your parish, but is meant to put you in the ritual driver's seat, asking what you would do, if you were the liturgist.

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