Thursday, March 09, 2006

Armchair Liturgist 9: How Many Sacraments?
Here's a good one for you. We have two baptized Christians in RCIA who are fairly ill. They will certainly live till Easter--nothing life-threatening from what I hear. But the RCIA director and pastor made a call to receive them into full communion tomorrow (Friday). One of the candidates has a two-year-old we were going to baptize at the Easter Vigil, but the baptism will now be tomorrow as well. Then, they need anointing ... the adults, that is, not the child.
What call would you make?
1. In what order do these sacraments come? (That's the easy one.)
2. Would you press hard to receive them into full communion at Sunday Mass, even though one sponsor could not attend because of a heavy weekend work commitment?
3. Would you delay the child's baptism until the Vigil?
4. If not, what acclamation would you use for her baptism?
5. Would you anoint (sick, not confirmation) during Mass or after?

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