Wednesday, February 22, 2006

SLJ Reunion
A feature from CNS: Dan Schutte, Tim Manion and Jesuit Fathers Bob Dufford, John Foley and Roc O'Connor were St. Louis Jesuits before they were "the" St. Louis Jesuits who created a new kind of Scripture-based contemporary music for use at Mass. But a series of e-mail conversations among the men starting in 2003 resulted in a reunion in a recording studio in Portland, Ore., last year. Even Manion came for a few days to add guitar and vocals to a new collection, "Morning Light." "It was an amazing experience. ... It was like magic," Schutte said. "It's like we were whole again." Their Feb. 18 concert in Washington was one of five reunion appearances the group planned for 2006. Manion was scheduled to join them for a concert in St. Louis this Friday. Lest detractors of contemporary sacred music think it's all about old guys (How old is my hero Claudio Monteverdi, anyway?) these people put a young face on liturgical music. (And they're not going away.) Those Jesuits guys appear to have aged gracefully, anyway.

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