Monday, December 19, 2005

Somebody Save Us From These JP2 Bishops!
Please. Indy archbishop Daniel Buechlein "speaks up," but we in the sainted bloggerhead don't seem to think much of his comments. Amy takes him to task for not hammering harder on Dan Brown. (no surprise.) Rock is similarly unimpressed. I heard the Buechline speak at the opening of the Form Reform Conference about nine years ago and also thought he came away as terribly weak on content. The conference is made up of two-thirds architecture and design professionals and you harp on what one parish did wrong with its new church? As I said before ... Please. For off-the-cuff quotes for the diocesan organ, I can see how wishy-washy fits. But an interview with a local paper, with an audience of several thousand, many of whom are unchurched, one would think he's got something better to do than get trapped in someone else's questions. At least he could steer the answers into a direction that would let him set the tone a leader is supposed to set, and not be seen as a wimpy reactor to the news of the day. Or perhaps it was just his second bad day in nine years.

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