Friday, December 16, 2005

OT 7: Small But Sensible Stuff
Optatam Totius 7: Where individual dioceses are unable to institute their own seminaries properly, seminaries for many dioceses or for an entire region or for a country are to be set up and developed, so that the sound training of the students, which must be considered the supreme law in this matter, can be taken care of in a more effective manner. These seminaries, if they are regional or national, are to be regulated according to directives set down by the bishops concerned and approved by the Apostolic See. Except on the snowy fields of Nebraska, isn't this happening everywhere? Maybe some priest-readers would chime in about their experiences: Are all of your priests trained at a single seminary? In seminary, did guys from the same diocese chum together or were they organized in such a way as to satisfy: In these seminaries, however, where there are many students, while retaining a unity of direction and of scientific training, the students should be conveniently divided into smaller groups so that a better provision is had for the personal formation of each.

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