Friday, December 02, 2005

Guess Who's Upset About Who's Coming to Dinner?
Amy asks, "Is the Speakers' Bureau really that small?" I suspect it's a matter of perspective. Thousands of Catholic speeches are given every day. A small minority happen to be given by the personally opposed crowd. Some of those catch the attention of conservative pro-lifers who decide to Take A Stand. It doesn't seem to help matters to disinvite a speaker or attempt to do so; it usually just gives the press some fodder for the B section. A bishop disinviting himself ... that just means somebody else will get his seat at the head table. Instead of a knee-jerk reaction of bluster and name-calling (Anti-Pell?) I wonder if the anti-aborts will ever devise an effective strategy to witness to the pro-life cause without looking like a bunch of bumbling dolts at the dinner table.

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