Monday, December 19, 2005

Benedict on Joseph
Zenit reports today on the Pope's reflections on Joseph, adoptive father of Jesus: "(Joseph) does not demonstrate an empty interior, but rather the fullness of faith that he carries in his heart." "Let's allow ourselves to be 'infected' by the silence of St. Joseph!" For me, one of the striking characteristics of St Joseph is his silent fiat; he has no recorded words in the infancy narratives. God speaks, he does, without comment, questions, or resistance. More quotes from Benedict: "A silence through which Joseph, together with Mary, guard the Word of God, known through sacred Scripture, comparing it continually to the events of the life of Jesus; a silence interwoven with constant prayer, a prayer of blessing of the Lord, of adoration of his holy will and of boundless confidence in his providence." "It is not exaggerated to say that Jesus will learn -- on a human level -- precisely from 'father' Joseph this intense interior life, which is the condition of authentic righteousness, the 'interior righteousness,' which one day he will teach to his disciples." May the infection of silence overtake us these days.

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