Sunday, November 20, 2005

SSPX on "False Systems"
Read here on more SSPX demands. If the Catholic Church is treading so dangerously in dialogue with non-Christians, why is lifting the excommunications against these schismatics so important to the conditions they place on unity? Let's review here: 1. Vatican II was a full-fledged council of the Church 2. An enormous majority of bishops signed off on sixteen documents of Church teaching 3. Some Latin Massers didn't like how it turned out. They alienated other Catholics, had temper tantrums, and eventually ordained their own bishops in violation of Roman Catholic procedure. 4. They presume to dictate terms like unity is a virtue than can be tuned like a radio dial or negotiated like a treaty or legal settlement. I applaud Pope Benedict for talking with SSPX leaders, and even more so for his taking the high road. But four illicit bishops and 500 clerics dictating terms to a billion Catholics? Like that's going to happen.

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