Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Post Expulsion Interview

David Hartline has a tame interview with Wynette and Katelyn Sills. The former was the California mom who pressed for action on one of her daughter's high school teachers who had been active as a Planned Parenthood abortion escort. The latter was expelled from school after her mother's persistent e-mails even after the teacher in question had been fired. Hartline's comment in his introduction was telling: If someone at Microsoft was less than kind with their comments towards Bill Gates no one would think twice about that employee being fired. Yet he doesn't touch upon the catalyst that led to the daughter's expulsion: her mother's peristent e-mails to the school administration after the school principal had made clear the mother's status. Clearly the school personnel took Mrs Sills communications as less than kind: a veiled threat for Open House, a private confrontation between the father and a staff member, and repeated attempts to circumvent the mother's banishment. This is much less about freedom of speech or advocating justice and more about an admirable young girl caught in an adult turf tussle. "It made me think that God is really up to something here," concludes Hartline. God is always up to something, as it were. Can a young lady overcome persecution? Of course she can. Can activists get caught up in the moment and forget the big picture? Sure, and some even learn from their mistakes. Do people still get martyr complexes? Clearly. Will the media misinterpret what's going on? Yep, big and small alike, so it seems.

Thanks to Amy for posting the link.

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