Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Here Comes the Bride ... Singing?

A basic article on wedding music by Lucy Carroll in the same Adoremus caught my eye, mainly for this single comment: In the frantic days immediately after the Second Vatican Council, I remember reading of an “experimental” and short-lived wedding liturgy wherein the bride and groom were to come down the aisle together, singing a hymn. Don’t know anyone anywhere who ever did that, do you? Oops. My wife and I got married at a regular parish Saturday night Mass. ('96 was a bit after the "frantic period," though.) We dispensed with instrumental processional music and sang the gathering hymn as programmed for that weekend. The Rite of Marriage, by the way, gives a first option to the bride and groom processing together at the start of Mass. Of course, the couple singing a duet by themselves ... that would be ... something I've never seen. I did hear of a bride who insisted on singing the spiritual "I'd Rather Have Jesus" before her own wedding. Did she have a clue? Who knows?

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