Saturday, February 12, 2005

Warning buoys for the reefs of rudeness
Nathan has an idea to steer folks away from particularly bilious blogs, the Index Blogorum Prohibitorum. I suppose it compares well to some of the better ideas I've seen from the Catholic Right. (Personally, I've always hoped the Curt Jester would produce a map of US dioceses with spinal cords superimposed, the size of which depending on how he saw the bishops, and maybe slugs for spineless bishops ... but that's besides the point ...) I remember one of my early posts on a thread somewhere in which the host railed about the lack of devotion to saints amongst progressive Catholics. I mentioned the various devotions in my own household and the host saw fit to delete. When I challenged him on it by e-mail, he thought I was making fun of him. More likely, he just pouted that his argument was toast. And he knew it. I don't know if Nathan is taking suggestions, but give him a try. I just remember that scene from Private Parts (don't know if it's authentic) in which some radio exec quote that the average Howard Stern fan listened 15 minutes, but that his average detractor stayed tuned for 78 minutes. Talk about gluttony for punishment! I guess I find surfing blogs a caveat emptor (See? Progressives can use Latin, too!) kind of thing. I know where I'm not particularly welcome. Maybe I like rubbing things in a little too much. My brother's not the only guy in the family who goes out in a boat and uses bait. And I take smidgen of pride in the two-and-a-half blogs I've been banned from.

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