Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Snacking on the Word
Read about it here, the notion that a few minutes are enough to immerse oneself in the nutrition of God's Word. I had never considered this before: We can think about ways of reading the Bible in our daily lives by analyzing how we eat. We eat in various ways. Sometimes we sit down and eat formally, one course after another. However, often we eat informally and lightly. At other times we have a snack. It may be that when it comes to reading the Bible we think only in terms of formally sitting down for an extended period of time and reading and studying. The result is that we might not make the time in our day for the Word of God. Just as we sometimes walk to the refrigerator door, open it, look inside it and grab a bite, so too we can open the Bible and take a nourishing Word. It makes so much sense, especially at Lent, to trade in one form of snacking for another.

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