Monday, January 31, 2005

Some more liturgical things
Carafes and flagons. Should be a local decision, made at the parish level. If it's worked for years, why does it need fixing? Celebrants or presiders. Every liturgy has both. The people are the former, and whoever leads them is the latter. If an ordination distinction must be made, I adopt the GIRM lingo and use "priest-presider" or "priest-celebrant." Singing presiders. Singing should be a requirement for ordination. Should be strongly considered for major feasts, especially in "high church" parishes. Deacons at liturgy. If they're trained to speak publicly, great. Another requirement for ordination. Carpets in churches. Maybe at the entrances to wipe feet. Naves should be resonant and speakers trained to be heard, not to be lazy and rely on bedroom acoustics. Mid-week school Masses. If they model the Sunday liturgy as fully as possible. But I can't tell you the number of parents who think as long as the kid went to Mass with the school, Sunday becomes an option. The term "Children's liturgy." Thumbs down ... way down. It wouldn't hurt, by the way, for a Sunday homilist to be aware that a large segment of the Mass celebrants are children and a bit of preaching directed that way would be appreciated from time to time, if not every week. Funeral vestments. White with violet and black trim. Covers all the bases. Comments?

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