Sunday, January 30, 2005

2005 Catholic Blog Awards
Nominate your favorites here. In modelling these awards on more popular formats I think the cybercatholic people do the blog genre something of a disservice. I think there's a lot of chaff in Grammy awards, too, but that's a topic for a full post to itself. First, I point out that these awards are a combination of peer and fan recognition, something of a cross between People's Choice and Screen Actor's Guild. Which is a fine exercise of opinion. I confess a bit of bafflement over the numerous categories, many of which seem to overlap. It escapes me why men and women need separation only in overall categories while the cybercatholics award a "Best Blog Overall." Do one or the other, please, but not both. Another question: are these awards for blogs active in the past year? I'd nominate Peter Nixon's fine blog Sursum Corda in a number of categories, as I did last year, except that he's closed shop. Does it count? My last beef is that the emphasis is solely on overall achivement. I suggest the cybercatholics trim their overall awards in half, and consider nominations for single entries in writing, presentation, etc., much as the Grammys award individual songs. Of course, that would be a lot of work to consider the occasional fine writing in the bloggerhood. It might be easier to skim through the St Blog's list and look at just the surface. Oh well. Go ahead and submit your nominations. It will be interesting to see who the people's choices are.

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