Sunday, April 11, 2004

Happy Easter. An ancient Christian song: “This is the fountain of life that floods the entire world, The water that took from its beginning from the pierced side of Christ. You who are born again of this water, place your hope in the kingdom of heaven.” I have loved this image of God’s grace, so substantial and so deep one could drown in it. Having been baptized at age 11, I’ve felt fortunate to be able to recall that day, my decision to be Catholic, my experience of God leading me to Him and to the Church. Because of this, Easter is an especially happy time for me. I remember when the water was poured on my baptism day, my godfather had a towel ready to wipe my forehead dry. At first I thought, “No! Don’t dry up my baptism.” But I figured this was part of the ritual and said nothing -- I thought a sense of obedience was important as a new Christian. Though I wanted those drops to be on me always. In my mind, I realized that would be impossible: the actual water would eventually evaporate. In looking back, I realize I desired God’s grace to stay with me, something unseen, but far more substantial. Even in the spiritual life, the water goes away, dries up, sometimes leaving us high and dry. But what Easter celebrates is God’s continuing and ever-present grace. May your Eastertide be a celebration of God's baptismal grace.

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