Friday, April 02, 2004

Bunny on the moon, Bunny in your home When the moon is about two-thirds to three-fourths lit, you can notice more readily the rabbit. Instead of orienting your perception to the face, turn yourself so that the right eye (the "Man's" left) is on top, and the mouth is on the right. If your eyesight is better than my wife's, you'll see the "bunny:" head on the left, and two long ears over a fat body. Different cultures have seen different patterns in the moon's maria (the smooth dark plains of 3.8 billion year-old lava). My wife will appreciate this. If you are thinking of getting a cute little bunny for Easter, think carefully. If you live near me, go here and take a very nice bunny off these good people's hands. If you live elsewhere, go here and consider adopting a rabbit. These people are experts at getting a good pet for you, if rabbits are a possibility for you or your child. I lack my good spouse's patience for animals. (We now have ten pets, all rescued from death or destruction at one time or another.) But I regard pet ownership as a serious responsibility, one that should be well-researched. Rabbits make good house pets. (Not as good as cats, mind you.) Whatever pet decision you feel inclined to make, make a good one, please. Okay, PSA over. Back to the petty liturgical bickering.

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