Monday, March 15, 2004

Juridical Document on the Liturgy Coming our way. April 8th. Great. I can hardly wait. I cannot see how this is possibly productive. 1. The institution has lost so much credibility with the laity. They want to see bishops working on the big issues, not points getting covered already by others. 2. New IGRM, new Roman Missal, new Order of Mass, new translation guidelines, new committees, new this, new that ... one more document: isn't this overkill? Somebody's trying real, real hard to turn back the clock. Danged if those hour hands aren't a beast to budge. So the elderly priest in my parish is sometimes too fatigued to pour the Blessed Sacrament into chalices or even distribute Communion. Does that mean I'm going to be hauled off into ecclesiastical prison for my abuse, my abuse, my most grievous abuse? If the best the curia can do is to ban altar girls (tried that; didn't work) I think they need to spend more time on a sunny balcony enjoying the sea air than working at desks cooking up more schemes to skewer good liturgy before it gets out of the box.

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