Tuesday, March 09, 2004

If I lived in Rochester, it might be a big deal, but from my vantage point (Kansas City) New England and upstate New York look the same: rather impossible to go as a cheering, gawking alumnus. Still, it will be fun to tune in on internet radio this weekend to catch March Madness Division III style, an edition of college sports without the over-hype and scandal of so-called major intercollegiate athletics (much of which I view as minor league football and basketball in disguise). I do remember my student days when Rochester played one-third of its schedule versus Division I teams. Except for a tussle against Phil Ford, Dean Smith, and those Tarheels in 1977, UR generally was outmanned against what today would be I-AA schools. Still, a touch assignment for a school that awarded no athletic scholarships. But back in the Olden Days of college sports, my alma mater completed an undefeated season in 1942-43 against the usual Ivy-laden suspects as well as Ohio State. My uncle played on that team before shipping off to combat in North Africa. Dad was a tad sad his son never showed similar aptitude. Anyway, no matter where your school loyalties lie, have an enjoyably mad March, but remember to keep it in perspective.

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