Saturday, February 14, 2004

WWF taught us everything we know Actually, progressive Catholics might have picked it up from pre-conciliar clergy. Vatican II done in a Vatican I way, as my wife often comments. I was reading comments from conservative/traditional Catholics who believe the progressive sensibility has a "stranglehold" on the Church. When I think of my many liturgist or musician colleagues, though, who through the years, have been ousted unjustly from fine ministries, I have to scratch my head over this stranglehold notion. That said, I do candidly admit many of my colleagues look very distrustfully upon Catholics who bring a conservative sensibility in their active faith life. I know many people who have been bludgeoned by leaders who promote "their liberal way or the highway," often at deep cost to many good people whose only fault is to prefer to pray, pay, or obey as they were taught and are accustomed to doing. This is just wrong. And if we are to look at one of the causes of backlash against our vision of Vatican II, some of us (maybe most all of us) need look no farther than the mirror. I don't really have a soapbox in my parish to say this, so I can say it here: conservative Catholics will always be welcome in my parish: on my committees, involved in liturgical ministries, and part of decision-making processes for the good of all. I would hope that their prayerful sensibility and personal gifts will enhance our parish worship life and provide an important contribution to the local church. Likewise, conservative Catholics should consider themselves welcome to visit, read, post on my blog, or otherwise correspond with me on matters in which I need enlightenment or balance. If I weren't a true liberal, I would have to otherwise strangle all your beliefs and views and shape them into My Supreme View of the World. But thanks be to God, I am, and there is no View. So always expect a sensible welcome mat here.

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