Monday, February 23, 2004

Peace to all. Back to work today: server and lector schedules out in the mail. BIG shipment of music arrived at the house: some soundtracks for my wife and various things for me. No classical music this time, but a thrilling album by Jerry Douglas entitled Lookout For Hope. When I was a dj in the 80's, I played his early stuff on my show. Terrific musician. Hoping to spend a quiet few days getting ready for Lent, both spiritually and at the parish. I try to stay way ahead of things in ministry, so when I do get sidetracked by illness, vacation, etc., much of the slack has already been taken care of. I miss making music at Sunday Mass, though. If you're interested in hearing me play, a good friend is releasing an album of original Christian music in a few months. By then, I'm hoping to upgrade the site, and put a few of her songs on it, where you can hear me play various keyboards. (My one guitar song was saved for her second cd.) Of course, my hope is to have my wife sing a few of my songs, and we'll put these on the net, too. However, any serious computer work will have to wait for after Lent. Given our busy schedule after that, it could be a longer wait than Easter week.

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