Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Peace, all. I wasn't expecting it, but I've been infected with a mild strain. Politics. Missouri primary is next Tuesday and for some reason, now that I've seen their faces in print (you can't see much else in the Kansas City Star) I actually feel energized to vote in my first primary. There's no party line registration for Missouri voters, so I'm toying with the notion of voting for one of W's opponents. Thank goodness I'm not in St Louis, or I'd probably be excommunicated for voting for any democrat at all. I've still managed to avoid watching CNN or C-SPAN at all, so it has been a surprise to see what these guys actually look like. The only ones I would have recognized before yesterday were Liebermann, Sharpton, and Moseley-Braun. And I hear she's out of the race now.

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