Thursday, January 22, 2004

Liverpool Dreamin' or All You Need Is Love Peace, all. Before the blog gets bogged down in the latest round of liturgy wars, I though I'd share that John Lennon and I had a great conversation (before I woke up the other morning) while cooking breakfast. We talked about 50's rock-n-roll and songwriting. Last month I had a howler of a dream. My wife Anita gave me a birthday present: a trip to one of Emeril's restaurants. Even better, they let me in the kitchen to cook. But it quickly turned into a stresser, as the equipment was unfamiliar, I couldn't find the ingredients, and I wished I was with my younger brother, his family, and my family back in the dining area enjoying good food and good conversation. Heck, if I ever make it to one of Emeril's restaurants (or his show) I'm going to take a lot more pleasure wolfing down great chow than I would bumbling around in a kitchen not my own.

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