Wednesday, January 07, 2004

January Book Club My wife was book browsing a few months ago, considering something for me. As she tells it, my seven-year old came by and noticing the sunflowers on the cover, suggested I might like it. It turned out to be Henri Nouwen's Sabbatical Journey, which I've been slowly digesting at work these days. I've been finding that a little prayer, a little Henri Nouwen when I begin the day, or when I get stuck midday, is a good spiritual pick-up. Before bedtime, I've been tackling one of Patrick O'Brian's books, the Nutmeg Conspiracy, I think. I like the writing. But I'm having a bit of trouble getting rolling with it. You Jack Aubrey fans out there: did I pick a good one? Not sure I would have the stamina to tackle everything in that series. I also found something called Everything Scrabble at one of our superstores. I had a gift card, so I used it. I had not realized we now have 96 two-letter words. Did you? I remember "aa" from geology. Now, "yo" has joined the language too. Likewise ab, ka, ut, jo, li, xu, mm, and od. Finished some science fiction last week:The Risen Empire by Scott Westerfeld. Good, but it seems to be fading somewhat from my brain. I also have something by Robert Charles Wilson on my bedstand. I've enjoyed his earlier works, which is why I picked up this book (a more recent one). But I also have Moby Dick under it. Maybe it's a good month to stay in the 19th century. We'll have to see.

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