Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I'm not sure this falls into the nightmare category... ... but I dreamed I went to law school. Usually I don't get all weirdo about dreams, but this particular one was so vivid and went on for so long (about my first week of school) I had to wonder. Two friends from college were with me: a person who actually did go to law school, and a buddy who went to work for Westinghouse as an engineer after graduation. By day two, one professor knew me by name, but I had forgotten his. I remember being panicked about the workload. And I had pictures of my daughter, but not my wife. Go figure. A spiritual director I had once told me that dreams could be used in the spiritual life as a tool for discernment. He suggested I put myself into every dream character in turn and pray for guidance. (That seems more sensible than trying to decipher the symbolism of going back to school.) PS: Nobody interested in why I'm afraid of Yellowstone?

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