Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Peace, all. An observation, hopefully without too much finger-wagging. As I blog and surf others' blogs, I note that posts about the Iraq War (vehement opposition here) clergy sexual abuse and accessory bishops (go VOTF), gay unions, and other hot topics draw far, far more commentary than laudable spiritual efforts such as Fr Jeff Keyes' Advent retreats and such, which often spout electrons without a single comment. I hope to post something on Advent music each day. I don't have any delusions that these posts will up my blog traffic to great heights. Many of you will disagree with my favorite music. Maybe a few of you will be clueless as I delve off the beaten path of sacred song. That's okay. But I doubt that vigorous debates on war, church governance, etc., fun though they may be, will draw us into the expectant, joyful spirit of Advent as much as listening to good music (or better yet, singing it), reading a favorite spiritual author, or celebrating liturgy. By all means, we should continue to debate furiously our passions. But be sure to take time for the interior work. Okay. Lecture over. Back to infighting.

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