Monday, December 08, 2003

Music of the Day Peace, all. Lots of music to consider on today's feast. In finding something Marian and suitable to Advent, I could have chosen "I Sing a Maid" which might be one of the finest Marian hymns written in the last century. My friend Fr Jeff (see the New Gasparian in the side bar) might fall over if I suggested "Alma redemptoris," which I love but since I've never landed monastically in Advent, I've never actually sung in a liturgy. Or if I did, it was with the Trappists when I was a young, naive college student. I could appeal to another of the Hours and suggest a Magnificat. But you know? I've never actually encountered a setting of Luke 1:46-55 that I've thought stood with my other favorites. The "responsorial" Magnificats I reject on principle, though some (Chepponis or Gelineau) I've used and can tolerate. So I think I'm going to ponder this dilemma today: what is the best Marian Advent liturgical song. I'm hoping to take a break from my parish tonight and go somewhere for Mass where I can pray and not worry about liturgy. My wife returned from early Mass and her cantoring duties to tell me three stories about the liturgy I really didn't want to hear. I probably get away from my home/work parish far too infrequently for my own nourishment. I missed choral vespers at the Cathedral yesterday because of server training. Somehow, the Tallis Scholars also got in and out of town under my nose last week. Oh well. See you in church.

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