Friday, December 05, 2003

Music of the Day Peace, all. The tune is matchless. Bach's harmonization is near divine. The setting of Matthew 25:1-13 is neat -- you can never go wrong with that chapter! I get goosebumps just going over the hymn in my head; I don't even have to sing out loud. Ta da! WACHET AUF rules! Can you tell this is in my top three or four? I will concede the tune is long. 898898664448 is about the strangest metrical pattern you'll find in sacred song. If your parish doesn't know it, it might take a whole season of Advent for it to sink in. I don't know many assemblies that have the patience for it. It's in the fringe repertoire at my parish, but I haven't programmed it this Advent. I think I'm worried that another few attempts will bring requests for retirement. Anyway, I'll sit in my den today with goosebumps for another few minutes. This might be one of the few central European tunes mentioned in my music list this season. Enjoy it, if and while you can.

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