Thursday, December 04, 2003

Music of the Day Peace, all. "O Come Divine Messiah," included in many hymnals and disposables (maybe because the text and tune are public domain and a publisher can copyright an arrangement) but I don't hear it that often. First, it's a great guitar song: as long as you don't play it too heavy, it can really rock. Second, it's another tune that translates well on just about any instrument or combination of them. Third, it's part of what I call the French Trinity (People Look East and Angels We Have Heard being the other points). This would be a prime example of a good song to teach children for liturgy. The lyrics are thoughtful enough in which to explore the notion of Advent. I can probably think of 20 other Advent songs I like better, but this piece should be a staple of school and RE liturgies, and it works just fine for the Sunday assembly, too.

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