Saturday, December 13, 2003

Music for a few days Peace, all. Sorry about the absence here, friends. Busy past few days. More snow overnight and new toboggan runs to set up in the backyard for my daughter. Caution: do not try to snow surf on a kid's toboggan. I guarantee it will not work, especially if you are over forty. How about some contemporary Advent music, and you give me a few more days to research some psalms? David Haas' "Advent Intercessions" from Light and Peace have always impressed me. The recording is great, and I sang them once long ago at Evening Prayer. Kathy Powell's "You Will Set Us Free" also impressed me, though I have never sung it in liturgy. More often than one might think, the "second tier" of liturgical composers comes up with something that stands way out, from even the cash cows of the pack. Early LifeTeen music from Tim and Julie Smith: "Come O Lord." But I can't really say for sure it was they who wrote it. It was their group playing it. I have a bootleg recording of a liturgy from St Tim's in Arizona, and I remember it being a very cool, almost rap-like number. It might be Tom Booth's piece, though. Speaking of Tom Booth, "Find Us Ready" is just outstanding. Did it during Sunday night Mass in Advent years ago and it was a hit with the musicians and the people sang the refrain pretty well. My friend Barb really played the spit out of it on piano. I thought, "Hey. That sounds fun; I wish I were playing the piano." But alas, I was on electric bass for those Masses. So ... I think that catches me up. Tomorrow, the best setting ever of Isaiah 12. Be sure to get out and play in the snow this weekend.

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