Friday, November 07, 2003

Peace, all. Except for evening prayer, a school Mass, a choir practice, and a visit to the doc, I've pretty much spent all week in bed. So the advent of a day off seems a little like overkill. (Time off in a church job? This would be overkill? Am I crazy?) But I feel good enough to do a little grocery shopping while my wife goes to her class today. School's out for the little one, so my favorite child will join me for some nutrition acquisition. My whole life, I've loved grocery shopping. (My wife hates it, btw.) As a kid, I was fascinated by the neighborhood store (Agostinelli's) where my mom took us. When I moved to Chicago for my first ministry job, I loved going to a supermarket at 10 or 11pm, after choir practice. When we moved to a small town three years ago, it was an adjustment in many ways, but the medium-sized grocery (though lacking a variety of fresh seafood and some specialty foods) was a pleasant place for shopping and chatting. Now that we're living in a big city, I'm occasionally overwhelmed by all the choices. But I still like late night shopping. Emeril was cooking with apples the other night on the food network, so I think I'll be spending some kitchen time working on a few apple recipes later today. Then some card playing tonight. Ah! The simple pleasures. PS: Thanks to those kind folks who have mentioned this blog on their own sites. I'm pondering one of those upgrades which permits you to put photos and other stuff up. I'm tempted, but since I spend so much time on the computer as it is, I have to weigh the pros and cons of it all.

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